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Cody Birch

DWM Certified Facebook Account Manager

Specialty: Digital/Information Products/SaaS

Ideal Client:

Monthly Facebook Ad Spend: $3000/Month+
Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Experts

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I believe the only difference between your business impacting thousands of people and complete failure is the right strategy in the right order.

As entrepreneurs, we get a huge vision for our business (product, or idea) and the impact we wish to make. But often we lack the detailed strategy to bring the idea to life.

That’s why I love Facebook Advertising and it’s creepily specific targeting options. We can target your exact customer, with the right message, at the right time, and plug them into the right point in the customer journey to get the result and transformation you offer.

There’s nothing else like it.

I work with companies of all sorts but specialize in the speaker/author/expert/thought leader realm.


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