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Chris Rocheleau and Irina Yerokhova

DWM Certified Facebook Account Manager

Specialty: Local/Service/Retail | Digital/Information Products/SaaS | Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Membership Sites, Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Funnel Builds,

Ideal Client:

Monthly Facebook Ad Spend: $5,000/Month+

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We believe that “Not All Facebook Ads Are Created Equal”

How can you get your product in front of the right customers that will:

Buy everything you sell…


Shout your praises from the rooftops while doing it?

We need only the right ad to reach them at the right time…

This is where we come in:

We have both been marketing on Facebook since 2011 having consulted hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners in Facebook Ads and Funnel Strategy.

As experienced copywriters we specialize in writing long copy “story based” ads with our proprietary process that tells your story effectively. This type of Ad has proven to highly qualify your leads that create very high ROI for your business.

Since we offer consulting on Full Funnel Builds as well, we understand the “Facebook Eco-System” and how to help optimize your current funnel for Facebook ads if you already have one.

We can also assist you in the strategy of creating powerful videos that we can write the copy that is “complimentary” for very high ROI video ads.

We do all of this by intensely researching your market and developing a laser-focused messaging strategy that attracts the right type of customer to your business.

Once we have identified the the best “hooks and offers” for your product, we work with you to make sure every step of the advertising process is 100% Facebook Compliant.

Rest assured if there is a market for your product… we’ll find the right customers on Facebook.

Contact Us Today to see if we can create that “perfect ad” for you.

Chris & Irina



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