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Barry Nicholson

DWM Certified Facebook Account Manager

Specialty: Local/Service/Retail | Digital/Information Products/SaaS | Multi-Unit Retail | Coaches & Consultants (Info Marketers)

Ideal Client:

Monthly Facebook Ad Spend: $5,000/Month+

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Does this sound like you?
1) You KNOW Facebook is a huge potential traffic source for your business
2) But you just don’t know HOW to make it work best for your product/service
3) You don’t have the time or the money to waste trying to figure it out on your own
4) And you need results NOW.

Sound like you? Let’s talk!

My name is Barry Nicholson, and I’m the CMO and Co-Owner of Leverage Point Digital. Our team has ONE mission: to help you get massive amounts of new leads, new customers, and new sales with Facebook Advertising.

About Me:
I’ve been a full-time direct response marketing professional for over 10 years. My wife and I got our start in the industry as copywriters, working for 5+ years as “Dynamic Duo Copywriting”, writing for clients like:

  • Brian Tracy International
  • Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle (GKIC)
  • Agency Revolution (Insurance Marketing Automation software)
  • Royalty Rewards (Retail Marketing Automation software)
  • and many more…

Why Great Copywriting is So Critically Important to Facebook Advertising

If you’re going to hire someone to create and manage Facebook ads for your business, it’s CRITICAL that they are an EXCELLENT DIRECT RESPONSE COPYWRITER. Why? Because Facebook is a direct response marketing platform on steroids.

There’s never been a better platform for putting your compelling hook & offer in front of your EXACT target market than Facebook. It’s a direct response marketer’s paradise. But in order for your ads to succeed, your copywriter MUST understand the deep, burning desires of your target audience, and have the proven ability to write compelling ad copy that catches their attention, and get them to take the desired action. If it doesn’t, you could waste a TON OF MONEY on ads that don’t work.

However, when your copywriter cracks the code with an Offer and a Hook that converts – that’s when the Facebook magic happens. That’s when you’re able to convert highly-targeted leads into prospects, and eventually into sales – like clockwork, day-in-and-day-out. And you can do it at a cost-per-conversion (CPC) that’s in line with your target KPI’s…if not way below.

We have the proven copywriting chops to turn your offer into a winner on Facebook. But that’s not all..

Need Funnels? Marketing Automation? We Don’t Stop at Facebook Advertising

If you have a team who already does your funnels, marketing automation, web development, etc., that’s great! However, if you need an agency who can help you with more than just your Facebook ads, we’ve gotcha covered. We can do just about anything related to digital marketing.

Let’s get started by having a conversation. Contact us today!



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